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#Winning: some very special guests


For your mid-morning motivation: some more details about our very special guests. We have some VIP’s of the internet joining us for judging tomorrow night via the Internet 2012 bus tour.

From Reddit, the “front page of the internet,” we’ll have Eric Martin, general manager, and Alex Angel, community manager. Under their leadership, Reddit’s massive community of users gathered in opposition to SOPA and PIPPA earlier this year, even going dark in protest on Jan. 18.

We’ll also have Ben Huh, CEO of the Cheezburger Network, and Robert Roderick, AgLocal‘s head of Marketing.

Additionally, members of the media stopping by via the bustour include representatives from Buzzfeed, Adweek, Forbes, DailyDot, The Verge, Waywire, Vice and Internet Assocaition.

So yeah. Lots of awesome.

They’ll be coming fresh off the Internet Uncaucus in Des Moines, hosted by Iowa startup darling Dwolla. The Uncaucus was designed to foster civic engagement and advance 15 non-partisan issues. A livestream will be availabe tonight via the Des Moines Register if you want to play along.

One more perk for the winning team: Of course, winning isn’t the most important part of Startup Weekend (think of the learning! The personal connections!), but for those who do, Silicon Prairie News has donated some tickets to their annual Thinc Iowa conference. Thinc Iowa will bring nationally-known speakers to Des Moines next week for two days of inspiration. Learn more about it at the Thinc Iowa website.