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Validate yourself.

Spending a weekend at Startup Weekend allows you to do a self assessment of your entrepreneurial skills in a way no other environment allows.  It is like a validation test (the smart entrepreneur’s first tools to success by learning from others before acting) for considering your new business idea or exploring jetting out to be your own boss.

All in one weekend.

During the 54 hour sprint, you will meet innovative new friends, hear dozens of new business ideas, select one to work on, validate the idea, build a minimal viable product (MVP), and help present the produced product/service in front of your peers, the community, and for a panel of distinguished judges. That is a lot of amazing experience in a short period, right?

Try before your buy.

Startup Weekend events are great because in a quick three days, you get a taste of all facets of “startup life” as a simple learning exercise or before you choose to go after any of your ideas fulltime. (If you are really successful, maybe you’ll even find your sustainable idea as part of your team at Startup Weekend!) Alternatively, even if you have been in a new business situation prior, Startup Weekend gives you a boost of new energy and concepts to help your current initiatives.  Both newbies and seasoned professionals can gain from a Startup Weekend experience.

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Now is the time to register for Startup Weekend Iowa City 2014. Signup prior to September 5 and save $10 on the normal rate, plus insure your seat for the Fall event the Creative Corridor will be talking about.  You can choose to attend as a developer, designer, or non-technical (business types, marketers, professionals, etc.). Don’t wait. You’d regret not attending when reading about Startup Weekend Iowa City 2014 on Twitter, the media, or as the Startup Teams get their second round of funding. Be part of it instead!  See you in October.

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