Startup Weekend: What if life & business were always this way?



Startup Weekend Cedar Rapids

Back after the successful Cedar Rapids Startup Weekend in early 2014, I wrote my reflections on titled “Startup Weekend: What if life & business were always this way?” Those thoughts are informative as to why the Iowa City rendition is going to be great. Like Cedar Rapids, Iowa City’s Startup Weekend will have some of the same components:

Expectations & Surprises

  • I knew I would be surrounded by amazing people, some of which I knew and others which I wanted to get to know.
  • I expected I would learn from and help others via building a business in 54 hours. No matter the outcome, it was going to be a lot of hard work and fun.
  • I knew we would have a lot of coffee and eat really well.

Superb People

The weekend identified and highlighted great people wanting to further themselves, great ideas, our community, and serve others via their vocations.

New Ideas

Some ideas were better than others, but all of them were new ideas in the eyes of the beholder and forced those attending to think about possibilities.

Endless Energy

Early or late each day, teams were working away, making things happen via coding, calls, and business planning. No matter where you turned something awesome was getting accomplished.

Closing Momentum

By the time the weekend was wrapping up, the attendees were beginning to get tired and stressed for pitching their ideas, but the momentum for the community was hitting a feverish level.

Help the Region

If the community, entrepreneurs, and business can find ways to replicate the trust, drive, and passion of that experimental weekend – there is no reason this area cannot thrive. All you, I, and we have to do is do it.

Why would you not want to be part of an event offering such amazing opportunities and features? Even if it is only for a short weekend?

Read more about the Startup Weekend experience and register for Iowa City now!